Event Perfumery


It has been since last 2 years for Humanity very challenging times and it seems to remain the same, but at these times, we also get to see the shine of amazing Women fighting for the Planet’s rights, Women’s rights, LGTBQI community, Disability rights, working supporting Families and Children, anti-war protesters, protecting and empowering people …

floral raw material ingredients for perfumery. Rosemary, Marigold, Rose, orchids, lavender

Sensitive Skin – Anti Stress and Anti Anxiety Perfume Fragrances

As a Perfumer I get different kind of clients coming with their enquiries to my shop and I am flexible to their requests in general, as this has helped me to explore various avenues in perfumery and also know the psychological and experiential and even spiritual value of a scent or fragrance that can assist …