8ml rectangular ÆS Création Naturel Floral Perfume bottle in a box

Ana is an artist with fragrances.

Welcome to Ana Sastrias Perfumery Section where there will be a selection of her new creations for promotion and you will get direct access to her Etsy Shop “AESCreationNaturel

Welcome to 2022!

Year 2022 has started and we are almost reaching February, where has the time gone??

January has started a bit slow. I understand everyone feels slow and a bit overwhelmed with the festivities and commitments last year and it is normal to feel we need time for ourselves to recover and take action on our plans for this year 2022.

Over the last 5 years of producing a great variety of perfumes, 3 signature fragrance collections in the Floral, Fruity and Woody lines have been constructed and produced, making in total 26 different fragrances inspired by a selection of previous customised fragrances projects.The relationship with you as my client helped me to couture a fragrance that expressed the required fragrance in mind producing a scent that would match the draft and expectations. This experience was and continue to be very valuable for the development of new fragrances that will be popular.


Ana Sastrias
ÆS Création Naturel

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