ÆS Création Naturel 8ml bottle and envelope

Welcome to my Shop Section, I am now working on my e-commerce website “aes-parfum” which I am building gradually listing a few items. I am promoting WELLNESS NATURAL PERFUMES and GIFT CARDS as a gift of a DISCOUNT COUPON for people who are not sure which perfume to buy for their loved ones. It is a new option to buy.

The majority of my online shop items to shop are on my Etsy shop, please click on the “Shop here” button to connect to my Natural Perfume Etsy Shop “AESCreationNaturel”

Since 5th of January 2017 that I opened on Etsy my Natural Perfume shop with up to 5 products that I handcrafted. My first sale was on the 28th of August 2017 and since then, I continued having sales.

I have been growing very gradually and preparing perfumes per order. I do not do wholesale yet.

If you are interested in a personalised fragrance or try my already established fragrances from my Fragrance Collections: Floral, Fruity and Woody, please click on the button

Let me know if you are interested in joining a Perfume Subscription:

Stay tuned for new products coming!!

Since March 2022, a new Presentation has been integrated into the Shop. This Presentation of Fragrances is called “55 – ANA SASTRIAS” from ÆS Création Naturel and is based on a selection of one fragrance from each of the Floral, Fruity, Woody Collections from previous years.

You will see these two logos in my Etsy shop. The First one “AES Création Naturel” was my original Generic Logo for my handcrafted perfumes. The “55 – ANA SASTRIAS” logo, with an inverted “5” simulating a bottle was created recently in March 2022 for an event from “A Gorgeous Excuse”. I still keep both logos as part of the evolution and development of my products and my brand throughout the time.