3 "55" Fragrances Collection by Ana Sastrias from ÆS Création Naturel. Floral No2, Fruity No6, Woody No7 in 15ml bottles
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Gorgeous Excuse Event and after the Event

Last week was very hectic, previous the 26th of March 2022, and on the clock with activities related to the preparation of my products, marketing and props for my Exhibition Table at the Sydney Hilton Hotel, George St opposite to Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in Sydney CBD.

As this was my very first time participating in this kind of event with an audience of more than 200 women coming for entertainment, getting together, shopping therapy and some dancing and drinks; I was not too sure how much of stock to bring and decided to bring a significant amount of stock not to look too slim, but also was mindful of the time and the heavy load in not bringing far too much.

I was not familiar with the dynamics of this event and so I concentrated on my setup for my table and my sign and promotion of the new look of my brand especially conceptualised for the event as a stepping stone for future opportunities and events.

Ana Sastrias posing with her perfume “55” Collection Floral, Fruity and Woody lines selected fragrances for the event

This new look of my brand tells the story of my new beginnings as a Perfumer. I started having an interest of making my own floral waters and learning how to make perfumes when I was 55 years of age.

In 2018 I started thinking about the concept of drawing a bottle with the concept of the number “55”. I did it on paper but never got to put it as a design.

In 2017 I opened my Etsy shop with the name “AESCreationNaturel” with a circular logo I devised with a classic look and with green, brown and red colours to bring Nature into the concept.

My handcrafted logo for my perfumes, mists, oils and soaps on Etsy

With the new look of my brand for preparation of up-market approach, I am going BLACK & WHITE look with simple text and took me a while to study the best approach for my perfume bottles label design in a way they look clean, not cluttered and gathered all the info, aside of looking elegant. For me, this is a big change, being accustomed to a flowery approach of my brand, not a minimalistic approach. I still will keep the previous ROUND logo for my Etsy shop until I prepare my audience with the new look for all fragrances.

Here are my new collection “55” with Floral No2, Fruity No6 and Woody No7 fragrances in 3 bottle presentations: 60ml square clear glass bottle with an atomiser, 15ml clear glass square bottle with an atomiser and 10ml clear glass tube bottle with an atomiser.

This new line will be listed on my Etsy Shop soon. Check my Shop section.

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