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It has been since last 2 years for Humanity very challenging times and it seems to remain the same, but at these times, we also get to see the shine of amazing Women fighting for the Planet’s rights, Women’s rights, LGTBQI community, Disability rights, working supporting Families and Children, anti-war protesters, protecting and empowering people escaping wars or environmental disasters, providing health services during this Covid-19 Pandemic, creating new business opportunities to people being displaced from their jobs and so on.

For all these women, who most of them work as Anonymous Helping Hand in the big and important missions in Humanity, all my respect and recognition.

As for me, I would like to Celebrate today with my contribution providing a joyful moment in so many women and men’s lives with an exclusive fragrance inspired by the Name of the Woman who has been your Role Model in your Career or Life. The memories and inspiration added to a fragrance may well bring some Joy, Creativity, Connexion and Healing in these difficult times.

Coupon applies only to Customised Fragrances on my Etsy Shop AESCReationNaturel. For more info, visit my IG: @aesastrias_parfums

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