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The Perfume Foundation – International

Year 2023 is starting incredibly exciting to me. I knew it was going to be a very different year from year 2021 and 2022. I knew that I need to do a lot of changes and adventure into new projects and collaborations that I am aware of.

Since last year, 2022, I started getting in contact with “The Perfume Foundation – International“, whose founder is Creezy Cortoy. This Foundation has a very well-defined Vision and Mission, to support Natural Perfumery Perfumers through Certifications, promote Natural Perfumery, Sustainability and Educate prospective Perfumers and current Perfumers in continuing their practice and networking.

As a result of this relationship with the Foundation, I am now listed as a Certified Natural Perfumery Perfumer among other Certified Perfumers in the world, Check this the IPF Certified Natural Perfumery Perfumers list

Also, I have started my e-commerce website aes-parfum

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