Big Amber lab PET bottles with funnel and medium size transparent bottles with funnel for perfume preparation in bulk
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Perfume Making in Bulk for an event

Since last week I have been working in redefining my brand for an up-market event. My current logo and brand still stay the same at the moment for my Etsy clients and the Blue Mountains Markets.

For the event organised by “A Gorgeous Excuse” with the advice and support from Ere Perez, I was motivated to create a new logo branding presentation that I hope will attract a more up-market audience and be more competitive with other Natural Perfume brands.

This was a very in-depth work as a person, businesswoman and creator.

Sometimes we need someone to give us a push or a kick to react and decide to do it.

You can see more about the development of my fragrances for this event on my Instagram

There will be just a selection of one Floral Perfume fragrance, one Fruity Perfume fragrance and one Woody Perfume fragrance for this event to show.

The fragrances will be distributed into bottles of 60ml, 15ml and 10ml for SALE at the event organised by “A Gorgeous Excuse” at the Sydney Hilton Hotel on Saturday 26th of March 2022, starting at 11am and ending at 3pm

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