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Possibilities of Collaboration

At the moment I am the only one producing my handcrafted perfumes through floral and plant oil infusions, essential oils, absolutes and vegan fragrances. I am not a wholesaler yet, nevertheless, I am able to make small amounts of orders for a project or event.

I am able to assist you with customised fragrances and discuss ingredients with you.

Please send me a message through the “Contact” section or directly through my Etsy Shop on the “Shop” section.

Some of the services I can offer for Collaboration in the short and long term or as an exclusive service to my new customers or existing customers are:

  • Wedding small gifts for bridesmaids and bridegroom
  • Petals bags, limited edition
  • Hens’ Night small gifts
  • Art Exhibition’s fragrant merchandise
  • Airbnb toiletry

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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