floral raw material ingredients for perfumery. Rosemary, Marigold, Rose, orchids, lavender

Sensitive Skin – Anti Stress and Anti Anxiety Perfume Fragrances

As a Perfumer I get different kind of clients coming with their enquiries to my shop and I am flexible to their requests in general, as this has helped me to explore various avenues in perfumery and also know the psychological and experiential and even spiritual value of a scent or fragrance that can assist in relaxation or up-lifting negative moods producing a sense of comfort or happiness, the same other fragrances can be associated to spiritual rituals and produce those memories at the same time other fragrances can have the power to maintain us focused and calmed.

For people with Sensitive Skin who cannot use Alcohol based perfumes, this line is only Oil based Perfumes with Oil carriers. No Alcohol used on these fragrances at all.

I wanted a set of perfumes that can help me to lower my high levels of anxiety and stress


Please click on link below or on the image if you are interested in this product:

10ml Roll-on ÆS Création Naturel oil perfume bottle with muslin bag – SENSITIVE SKIN/ STRESS RELIEF fragrance

Sensitive Skin Stress and Anxiety Relief Roll-on Oil Perfume
Sensitive Skin Stress and Anxiety Relief Roll-on Oil Perfume

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